Are you ready?  Are you really ready to experience the vibrant healthy whole you, and truly believe in yourself?

Bodygevity is the art and balanced care of ones body mind spirit which results in longevity.  In today’s environment, it is more important than ever that we approach wellness with healthier whole foods, dynamically enhanced water and products, regular exercise, ample sleep, relaxation, meditation, and spiritual fulfillment.  At Bodygevity Holistic Center, you have the potential to strengthen your life force, empower your mind and renew your spirit.  We celebrate and respect the bodygevity diversity of all backgrounds and traditions.  The two remarkable energy systems we teach to increase your internal energy system, and help turn on the internal healer in you are: Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong, and Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism-Ideal Weight.

My heartfelt wish is that every person I work with feels more vibrant, youthful, balanced, and healthy. A strong feeling that you are half your age, and your quality of life exceeded beyond what you imagined for yourself before coming to Bodygevity. Join our Bodygevity community, as we uncover higher human potential and longevity.

Strengthen your Life Force, Empower your Mind and Renew your Spirit!

Stephanie Ryan