About Stephanie

My journey to wellness began in 2003 after starting Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong. I went to meet Dr. Dongxun Zhang, DAOM, L.Ac., our Qi Gong Master in Austin Texas. I had a live blood analysis appointment with Dr. Zhang.  We could see that I had too many abnormal blood cells, the beginning of diabetes, arthritis, and my adrenals were shot.  At the time, I was building an international consulting company with two mentors that had great international business experience and many prime connections.  A month before starting Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong, one of my mentors died.  My world was upside down and so was my health.  I had already experienced having melanoma at the age of 24 on my left thigh.   

Dr. Zhang told me that if I did this training, I had a strong possibility of reversing my weaknesses.  In my gut, I knew this was my only chance to greatly heal my body and more, so I began my training.  Two years later, I returned for another live blood analysis.  My results were beyond belief.   I had pristine cells, and so much vibrant qi in my body.   I had tears in my eyes, knowing I would never have cancer in my body again, no diabetes, arthritis, or any disease.  I had found the jewel of a practice that was always going to be a part of my entire life.

Today, my mission is to help people understand natural ways to achieve balanced health and higher human potential. In our toxic environment body mind spirit practices and lifestyle help to bring us back into balance.  Longevity resulting from the balanced care of one’s body mind and spirit is what I call Bodygevity.  My Bodygevity is researching ways, practicing and teaching what nature offers in order to fuel and aide the individual to heal and optimize the body's functioning. Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong, Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism-Ideal Weight, teaching with organic whole products like Purium and doTERRA are some of the ways.  It is everyone’s right to experience their own true nature, and I want to help anyone that so desires this.