Fit-150 Classes

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Classes are generally taught once or twice per week on an ongoing basis. These unique classes are a great way to address imbalances, help prevent future disease and also maintain optimum health if you are already healthy.

You simply join in and keep going!


Helps Bring Balance to:


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Fit-150 aims to help you achieve a longer, happier, more productive life through attention to:

Bone Density

The bones are literally the foundation of the body.  In the US 300,000 people a year break a hip due to Osteoporosis. The way things are going, it’s likely, 30 years from now, that there will be 300% more Osteoporosis. Through Fit-150® learn you’ll learn ways to help strengthen the bones through intention and exercises which provide vibration and impact necessary for bone health.

Metabolism Balance

Today, medical science is showing that a metabolic disorder or imbalance is the main underlying cause of obesity and its related health problems.  Many weight loss programs focus mainly on diet and workouts rather than addressing underlying metabolic issues. Since the metabolism is not changed, most people fail to achieve their weight loss goals. Fit-150  has been specifically developed to address metabolic imbalance in a very powerful way.

Stress Release

Stress contributes to an unbalanced metabolism. The Fit-150 meditations and visualizations are designed to alleviate the stress underlying metabolism imbalances.

Weight Control

Fit-150 teaches techniques that burn fat without burning much muscle energy so that rather than struggling with hunger, your appetite becomes balanced and you effortlessly shed unwanted pounds.

Hormonal Balance

The body and brain can reject the benefits of regular exercise when it is boring – exercise should be fun. Fit-150 teaches fun exercises to relieve stress, control weight, and create balance in the hormones which is vital for overall health of the body.

Blood Sugar Balance

Every cell in your body runs on glucose, carried to it by blood, with insulin helping to absorb glucose from the bloodstream.  If you are pre- diabetic or diabetic, this metabolic process  can get thrown off. High levels of insulin and blood sugar begin to build up, disrupting your body’s natural balance.
There is a way to make changes to your body at the metabolic level that will positively impact your blood sugar. The Fit-150 program contains unique exercises designed specifically for balancing the blood sugar.

Cardiovascular Fitness - Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Balance

Heart disease is one of the main causes of death today in the US. Fit-150 provides many varied and fun exercises that contribute to a balanced blood pressure, cholesterol level and strong cardiovascular health.

Detoxifying and strengthening the internal organs

Improving flexibility

In many cultures, flexibility is considered a key marker of age. A body that is flexible on the outside is also flexible on the inside. This results in not only greater ease and range of movement but also more flexible arteries and organs.

Lymph Circulation

Regular exercises are good for moving the lymph, but are not very specific. The Fit-150 exercises move the lymph in areas that are not usually reached through normal exercise.