Take control of your diabetes through your mind-body connection

If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, you probably ask yourself: Will it be a permanent struggle for the rest of my life? Are medications my only option for managing my diabetes? What can I do now to prevent the development of related health issues down the road?

You’re not alone in your search for answers. Roughly 8.3 percent of Americans are diabetics, while 25 percent are pre-diabetic. So what is the good news?

There is a way to make changes to your body at the metabolic level that will positively impact your diabetes. The Fit-150 program allows you to maintain control by using your mind and body with the power of focused intention.

Stop struggling by balancing your body

Every cell in your body runs on glucose, carried to them by blood, with insulin helping to absorb glucose from the bloodstream. As a diabetic, this metabolic process is thrown off. High levels of insulin and blood sugar begin to build up, disrupting your body’s natural balance.

Target the root of the problem- your metabolism - rather than just treating the symptoms of your diabetes. Our Fit-150 mind-body exercise program can show you how. It teaches you mental exercises to harness your mind’s power of focused intention, triggering changes in your body.

Contributing lifestyle factors such as weight gain

There are multiple lifestyle characteristics that contribute to diabetes, such as a poor diet, stress, weight gain, and a lack of exercise. Yet trying to make changes in all of these areas at once can be overwhelming.

Starting at the metabolic level makes it dramatically easier to change these other factors. The Fit-150 program helps to restore balance to your body, which is also essential for losing weight and keeping it off.

The program incorporates physical exercises as well as mental ones so that you can begin to target the fat which is an underlying factor contributing to your diabetes. It also uses meditation to release underlying stress and align you with your natural state of health, already present in nature’s original blueprint.

Prevent related health issues

The power of mind and body for healthDiabetes increases your risk for other diseases and health problems. Your risk of death from heart disease and your risk of having a stroke are both two to four times higher with this condition. It can damage your muscles, circulatory system, and nerves and is the leading cause of blindness, liver disease, and kidney failure.

Managing your health through the Fit-150® program may cut down on these related problems. Aside from your metabolism and blood sugar, the program is also designed

to help balance your thyroid, blood pressure, hormones, and cholesterol.

This can reduce your need for medication, which can often have harmful side effects. When you reach a state of balance, not only will your diabetes be under control, your entire body will be healthier as well.

Manage your diabetes and overall health with your mind

Diabetes doesn’t have to limit your life. The Fit-150: Ideal Metabolism-Ideal Weight® program helps you take control by using focused intention, the power of the mind, for better health. The metabolic changes are significant, and can have a huge impact on your overall health.