I can't do any vigorous activity because of health issues and disability. Can I still join?

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Fit-150® offers a buffet of ideas and exercises. You can do them all, or just one or two that fit your needs. Any of these exercises, that you are able to do, will help benefit you for the rest of your life.

I don't want to live to 150 years old. Is this program still for me?

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Absolutely. This is not about extending your life span for the sake of adding years to your life, whether in sickness or in health. It’s about creating a high quality of life from this time forward and into your later years. If you are building the foundation for a ten story building but end up only building five, this will be a very stable five story building. If you aim to be healthy for 150 years and live to be at least 95 years, we believe it will be a much healthier and more vibrant 95 years than if you continue blindly without a plan.

How does this differ from other programs which use positive thinking?

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Some programs that try to capitalize on recent trends and discoveries regarding human potential are often just forms of wishful thinking rather than legitimate approaches that produce lasting results. In Fit-150, we will teach you about “Intention”, why it works, the relationship between physical functions and intention and how all of this can be of practical benefit to your health.

What is unique about Fit-150?

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Fit-150 is a unique approach to exercise. It uses the mind to affect changes in our health. It teaches a mental “Blueprint” for longevity and health, not found in any other systems. It uses the mind and intentions, directly along with physical techniques to help you to not only lose weight and to bring balance to your metabolism, but also to your hormones, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and thyroid.

It does not involve, calorie counting, working out for hours at the gym, or going on stringent diets. It teaches special techniques for exercising in a way that is fun and that makes the body happy.  Fit-150 addresses the metabolic Imbalances underlying weight problems. It teaches a unique exercise to burn fat without burning muscle energy so it is effortless to shed unwanted pounds.

This entire program is based on a new theory of evolution. This theory by Dongxun Zhang, DAOM, Ph.D is referred to as “Intended Evolution”. According to Dr. Zhang’s theory we can engage the power of the mind through the use of “Intention” to design our health as we want it to be. We can live a full and healthy life despite all the environmental challenges facing us today and in the future. Fit-150 is a program that meets these challenges in a way that naturally leads to health and longevity.