Jingui Golden Shield is a traditional energy cultivation system created to develop higher human potential and significantly increase health and longevity. As a potent internal energy system, Jingui Golden Shield fully integrates the body, mind, and energy through the careful application of physical practice, meditation, and herbs. The physical practice is progressive, varied, and incremental. Student practitioners learn a sequence of steps; each step presents new techniques furthering development. 

Golden Shield Qi Gong activates the enormous potential energy (qi) stored in the body, converting it to actual energy. This converted energy feeds and strengthens the internal organs. The excess energy spills into the meridians (our internal wiring system), clearing any stagnations or blocks, widening and maturing the meridians. Specific techniques to gather and store the energy or qi inside the body help student practitioners continually build their own energy systems. 

Jingui Golden Shield has five primary levels of training. The basic level of training is Golden Shield, or abdomen. Because Golden Shield develops the lower dantien or root energy center of the individual, it is a good place to begin. One may also begin training with Golden Pillars (legs) or Golden Brushes (hands). Golden Bell (torso) and Golden Crown (head) are built upon the Golden Shield level (abdomen). Golden Bell develops the middle dantien (heart energy center); Golden Crown develops the upper dantien (third eye energy center). These three levels of training are completed in consecutive order because each one necessarily builds upon the previous level of dantien development. There are advanced levels of training available for those practitioners who have completed all five primary levels and wish to continue. 

Each level of training applies progressively challenging stimulation, giving each area of the body a reason or need to grow. This enhances overall energy production, circulation, and storage. Each training level includes moving and sitting meditations to complement the physical training and enhance mind/body/energy connections. 

One unique aspect of this system is that each level of training employs secret external and internal herbal formulas that have been passed down from the tradition. Another unique and most remarkable aspect of Jingui Golden Shield is that each training level is "sealed" upon completion. That means the practitioner never loses the development gained through training. Further growth occurs as practitioners continue training.